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Sped Star offers international and local freight of a different scope. We specialise in transporting dangerous goods and frozen products, the safe transport of hi-tech cargo, and our car park also includes vehicles that are adapted for the freezer transport of perishables, as well as vehicles designed to meet strict pharmaceutical standards. We also offer logistics for the needs of automotive and textile cargo and heavy industry cargo, while we also take care of smaller services, such as lorry freight and moving abroad.



Regardless of the service we perform for you, we always keep in mind the most important aspects – reliability, punctuality and quality. In transporting dangerous, valuable or special cargo, we consider the safety of the cargo, the surroundings and participants in the traffic a priority. With each delivered shipment, we at Sped Star prove we are a trustworthy and reliable partner, which guarantees that your cargo reaches its destination and is collected. At Sped Star, we are also experienced in the management of bureaucratic transport procedures.

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When to decide for system or express freight?

This decision depends on several factors, for example: the shipment size, emergency, your expenses, if the shipment is not delivered on time, holidays in the transit countries, etc. If it is important for the shipment to arrive at the destination as soon as possible, we absolutely recommend express freight. If the shipment is not urgent, you can opt for system freight.

How can we know we have selected the best provider?

When selecting transport, many clients decide based on price. Yet the lowest price is not always the best choice. If your shipment is valuable or you request it on the exact date, then it is the reliability and punctuality of the delivery service that is much more important than the price and, in cases of dangerous or sensitive goods, the references as well. Based on your cargo content, consider if it is better to pay more and have a partner you can trust.

Is it better to have one or several transporters for one destination?

Our principle is that we always try to convince our clients about collaboration with only one transporter. This means there are no inconsistencies among different shipments so solving possible issues is much simpler and, at the same time, we commit to having Sped Star available for you 365 days a year.

How to additionally secure cargo during transport?

The cargo in transport in insured according to the CMR convention. Since road transport is often unpredictable, we always advise our clients to have the cargo additionally insured if the cargo is sensitive or highly valuable. Only this way can you be reimbursed in full in case of damages or theft.

Is it better to have an owned or rented warehouse?

Besides the transport services, we offer you the option of warehousing your goods, which means we always advise our clients to rent our warehouses and the complete service by Sped Star. For one practical reason only – this is the only way to reduce the freight price as much as we can and, at the same time, take care of your shipment transport quickly and without any additional complications.

Why is it always necessary to provide cargo dimensions and transport frequency?

The cargo dimensions are important since this is the only way we can calculate how much space is available on an individual truck or if it is more suitable to organise transport with the smaller vehicle. The result of using the larger or smaller vehicle is price and delivery speed. We always aim to offer the best price for our clients.

Highest credit assessment of excellence in Slovenia. 2023 Platinum Excellence. Highest credit assessment of excellence in Slovenia. 2023 Platinum Excellence.