Transport and operation of the Sped Star company during COVID-19

April 29, 2020

Even though the coronavirus has halted social life for some time, it has not put a stop to transport. Even more, during these times, we can observe how important it is for the undisturbed functions of society to have transport services, which enable stocking stores with food and products, the transportation of urgent pharmaceutical products and delivery of shipments ordered online. Our work is continuing undisturbed during the coronavirus issues, with only a few adaptations.

With its vehicles, the Sped Star company is present in the numerous markets of Europe, from local Slovenia, the Balkans, and Germany to the Benelux countries. Most of the international transport pathways are operating on regular schedules with slight delays in crossing international borders. We try to get the ordered shipments to the destination in the shortest time possible, without any greater delays and in the safest way possible. During the transport, we are in active communication with the client and offer complete support and consulting for solving potential issues. We also maintain safety and hygiene precautions of our personnel, the client’s personnel and the cargo.

The measures taken in the area of transport, loosening or tightening measures and opening and closing borders is monitored daily in European countries. This is why we regularly communicate with our clients on transport process, notifying them on current conditions, possible delays, etc. Planning work and shipment delivery is greatly assisted by the possibility of shipment tracking, where the clients monitor the shipment condition in real- time and this predicts its delivery. Despite the coronavirus, we are doing everything in our power to remain your reliable and trustworthy partner by delivering shipments in an agreed time period.

Step by step to your own Sped Star logistics company

April 29, 2020

“Since I was a little boy, I had a dream to become a successful entrepreneur managing my own company.” said Goran Gergar, the owner of the Sped Star logistics company. In ten years, Sped Star has transformed from a small freight service into a successful transport and logistics company. The company is specialised in transport and logistics of cargo of all kinds and sizes, in particular dangerous goods, transport of vehicles, transport for heavy industry and transport in controlled atmosphere, e.g. pharmaceutical and easily perishable goods. It is present in several European countries, in particular in Germany, Benelux States and the Balkans.

From banking to maritime and transport
Goran was long interested in banking and economy; he entered the logistics sphere completely by chance when he ended up studying at the Faculty of Maritime Studies and Transport and not at the Faculty of Economics. In addition to the knowledge acquired during the study, his entrepreneur friends proved to be very helpful in obtaining all information on how to establish a company and commence business. “When you start a business you don’t have many options, so we were rather undemanding in terms of customers. The only thing that mattered was the liquidity of our partner companies. Conventional methods of marketing were not particularly efficient and we found our way to success mainly by offering special services which were rare in the market. Thus we started to provide services for medical and pharmaceutical industry and tried to win customers with high added value. At an early stage, we started to target foreign markets where the service quality is much more important than the price.” said Goran.

Sped Star growth in ten years
After ten years, Sped Star has settled its debts, employs five people and its revenues and profit have grown compared to 2010. “We are pleased with the performance of the company which constantly grows. That said, we try to improve our results because we know that only in this way the company will stay at our desired level and prosper.” said Goran. “We are trying to attract customers which are reliable in terms of payments and also conduct business abroad and have specific and realised business plans.” The company still strives to provide high added value services to its partners.

The way ahead
“In future, we plan to increase the number of our employees since digitalisation and globalisation constantly increase the demand for transport services. We are also aiming to improve information technology to facilitate our operations and save precious time. In the long term, Sped Star wishes to solicit new domestic customers, penetrate other foreign markets and establish a subsidiary. We also want to find new markets outside Europe and also try to offer other types of transport, such as air and sea freight services.” said Goran.

What doesn't kill you makes you stronger

April 29, 2020

Coronavirus has caught us off-guard. Or at least unprepared for such scope of restrictive measures. Together with the closure of shops and borders, also the transport services and delivery or transport of cargo from and to a country is limited. On the other hand, some new opportunities have opened up and shown the importance of having a well-established, efficient and responsive transport network.

1. Closing international borders
The first substantial measure affecting standard transport routes was the closure of national borders. This caused border lines to increase, while due to cessation of production some companies were forced to cancel their orders. The thing we learned from this measure is the importance of cooperating with domestic companies and partners and being self- sufficient in food and products with a shorter shelf life.

2. Supplying the companies which cannot stop their production
Due to their nature of work, some companies can stop their production for some time, while others cannot afford to do this due to the scope of work, their importance for the entire industry and workers. Imagine the chain reaction caused by closing only one plant producing one component for the end product. One missing bolt causes the domino effect and the end product cannot be launched in the market. Perhaps some companies have realised that keeping stock is not such a bad idea. During the coronavirus pandemic, Sped Star tries to provide uninterrupted supply to production plants.

3. Supply of medical equipment or the proof of the importance of transport logistics
We have lost count of problems in supplying medical and protective equipment. These indicate how important it is to have a reliable, trustworthy transport and logistics company with international experience in operation and the knowledge to act quickly. We are a reliable partner.

4. Increase in on-line orders
On the one hand the closure of shops and stores caused disturbances in supplying products, while on the other hand the on-line sales and home deliveries increased. The ability to adjust quickly is key in such times and not only a transport company can survive such crisis, it can also expand its services to other areas. The thing we can learn from coronavirus is that on-line shopping is convenient and simple, and thus we expect delivery services to increase in the future.

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When to decide for system or express freight?

This decision depends on several factors, for example: the shipment size, emergency, your expenses, if the shipment is not delivered on time, holidays in the transit countries, etc. If it is important for the shipment to arrive at the destination as soon as possible, we absolutely recommend express freight. If the shipment is not urgent, you can opt for system freight.

How can we know we have selected the best provider?

When selecting transport, many clients decide based on price. Yet the lowest price is not always the best choice. If your shipment is valuable or you request it on the exact date, then it is the reliability and punctuality of the delivery service that is much more important than the price and, in cases of dangerous or sensitive goods, the references as well. Based on your cargo content, consider if it is better to pay more and have a partner you can trust.

Is it better to have one or several transporters for one destination?

Our principle is that we always try to convince our clients about collaboration with only one transporter. This means there are no inconsistencies among different shipments so solving possible issues is much simpler and, at the same time, we commit to having Sped Star available for you 365 days a year.

How to additionally secure cargo during transport?

The cargo in transport in insured according to the CMR convention. Since road transport is often unpredictable, we always advise our clients to have the cargo additionally insured if the cargo is sensitive or highly valuable. Only this way can you be reimbursed in full in case of damages or theft.

Is it better to have an owned or rented warehouse?

Besides the transport services, we offer you the option of warehousing your goods, which means we always advise our clients to rent our warehouses and the complete service by Sped Star. For one practical reason only – this is the only way to reduce the freight price as much as we can and, at the same time, take care of your shipment transport quickly and without any additional complications.

Why is it always necessary to provide cargo dimensions and transport frequency?

The cargo dimensions are important since this is the only way we can calculate how much space is available on an individual truck or if it is more suitable to organise transport with the smaller vehicle. The result of using the larger or smaller vehicle is price and delivery speed. We always aim to offer the best price for our clients.

Highest credit assessment of excellence in Slovenia. 2023 Platinum Excellence. Highest credit assessment of excellence in Slovenia. 2023 Platinum Excellence.